Art Imitates Life – As Does Technology?

Many of us have heard the famous idea that ‘art imitates life, and life imitates art’. And this is true in many ways. But this is not just true of art – for we see this in science and technology as well! As society becomes more advanced, we often look to nature, with its patternsContinue reading “Art Imitates Life – As Does Technology?”

My Process of Identifying A Bird

In recent posts, I have talked a lot about looking at distinctions between different birds, or interesting characteristics exhibited across species. However, there is a key question here that needs to be answered before we get there – how does one go about identifying birds?  Seeing birds while birding is almost never as straightforward asContinue reading “My Process of Identifying A Bird”

What Makes Bird Nests Different?

In an earlier article, we had looked at the process of birds building their nests – with the specific example of two Northern Mockingbirds over the 2021 Winter-Spring. But as I have found time and again, nothing is ever the same for all birds – and the same applies to nests! Every group of birdContinue reading “What Makes Bird Nests Different?”

To Raise A Mockingbird – Chronicles of a Mockingbird’s Nest Building

The process of a bird’s development into adulthood is a fascinating story. But one story which often gets overlooked is just how parents build the nests that hold their eggs. You have probably seen nests of many different birds, with or without eggs in them. But have you ever had the chance to observe parentContinue reading “To Raise A Mockingbird – Chronicles of a Mockingbird’s Nest Building”

Could An Advance-Warning System Predict the Next Zoonotic Pandemic?

When I was 6 or 7, my initial interest in birds lay in sorting them by their characteristics – size, color, behaviors. Later on, the thrill was in discovering new exotic species in my birding books – imagining that giant condors and eagles that inhabited the tops of the eucalyptus trees in our neighborhood. More recently,Continue reading “Could An Advance-Warning System Predict the Next Zoonotic Pandemic?”