About KBirdVentures

(From top to bottom, left to right): Brahminy Kite (Mysore, India), Pied Kingfisher (Bangalore, India), Anna’s Hummingbird (Fremont, CA), Bald Eagle (Sacramento, CA)

KBirdVentures is a blog run by Kabir Samsi, an avid amateur ornithologist. Here, he shares his birding adventures from across the world – from his own backyard in California to the wilds of India. With each bird, he recounts the unforgettable experience of spotting it, and then discusses its notable characteristics and some interesting and often surprising bird facts.

Kabir has been a birder since he was seven years old and cannot quite remember how he was drawn to it. He approaches birding from many different points – as a nature lover observing and appreciating these fascinating creatures; as a scientist learning from unique bird behaviors; as a statistician profiling and cataloging birds by their various characteristics; and as an environmentalist who appreciates birds’ role as indicator species.

Kabir has birded across several geographies – California, Florida, Hawaii, Washington and New York in the US; Costa Rica; London and Europe; and Kerala, Karnataka, Pune and Mumbai in India. Sometimes without a camera, but always armed with his binoculars, notebook and bird identification guide! He looks forward to many more avian adventures and to connecting with like-minded birders from all over.

Also, Check out FindYourBird, a website he has developed that allows you to identify, read about and post info and photos about birds that you see!

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