Welcome to KBirdVentures! My name is Kabir Samsi; I’m an amateur birder and I love to observe, identify and note bird species around the world!

On my blog, you can look at my photos of some of the amazing birds I’ve seen around the world, over the years.

Along these photos, I also include a little background info about the bird, and some of the bird’s more notable characteristics.

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High School Senior in Fremont, CA. I enjoy music, programming and ornithology. My other hobbies include biking and watching soccer and cricket. Check out my birding blog, KBirdVentures! (link below) to see my photos and read up on different news in the avian world.

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  1. I couldn’t be MORE PROUD OF YOU! You are sharing your passion of birds AND music with the world, it’s WONDERFUL! I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you.

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